Weird and Strange Attractions in Beijing

If you love “strange” and “weird” things, you can plan your next holiday destination in Beijing. This capital city of China offers some of the most peculiar, cool and completely perplexing offbeat activities. Beijing is renowned for its strange museums, weird visual attractions, and wacky clubs that will surely keep you stunned. To dive into the weird things of Beijing, check out the list below –

beijing post museumChinese People’s Anti Japanese Museum

Situated in the southwest of Beijing, this museum will remind you about the tensions between China and Japan. This museum comprises of several documentations, around 9,000 photos as well as cultural leftovers of well known Sino-Japanese War.

Donghuamen Night Market

This night market is popular due to its unusual food availability. You may have contradictory versions regarding the quality of the foods served in this market. Wide range of grilled and deep fried items are obtainable here which includes scorpions, crickets, honey bee larvae, spider, star fish, snake and many more.

Dongyue Temple

You will visualize 76 departments of death while visiting this Taoist temple. Tons of statues will denote the various forms of hellish circumstances.

Beijing Post Museum

To depict the Beijing’s 100 years of postal services, the city started this postal museum. If you have interests in collecting various stamps then this museum will be appropriate place for you to visit or else this destination of Beijing will appear little strange to you. Instead of having wide collections of Chinese postal stamps of 20th century, this museum also reflects the communist art collections.

Tomb of Tianyi and Eunuch Museum

To explore the fact how eunuchs were castrated in China during the ancient period, this destination will be preferable for you. The tomb of Tianyi is the most attractive part of this museum. You will also find statues demonstrating the process of castration, collection of Chinese sex toys of ancient times as well as famous Ming Dynasty eunuch.

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