7 Most Impressive Waterfalls in Asia

Usually when people think about Asia, they have in mind the specific culture, but there is a lot more to Asia than that. As an example there are waterfalls that are more than spectacular, especially during the monsoon period, when they truly come to life.

1. Jog Falls

This one of the waterfalls is a must to see for every waterfall fan. Actually it is made of four individual waterfalls, Raja, Rocket, Roar and Rani. The waterfalls can be found in India and it is considered the largest and tallest. The sad truth is that the hydroelectric developments use most of the water, so you can see its full glory only during the monsoon season.

2. Detian Waterfall

The waterfall is the most picturesque in China. The interesting thing is that it is a multi-tiered waterfall. If you combine this one with the An Gioc Waterfall that can be found in the surrounding area, this may become the largest waterfall of the world. Usually the air is misty and steamy and if you also consider the surrounding karst mountains, the waterfall becomes quite mysterious.

3. Thi Lo Su Waterfall

This one is located in Thailand and it is considered the largest waterfall of the country. It is quite uncommon because of the segments and tiers. This isn’t one of the thundering monsters that you may have seen before. Even more, in case of some of the tiers you can safely swim. Although in some places it is pretty crowded, there is a wildlife sanctuary that is trying to maintain the peace and quiet.

4. Unchalli Falls

You may say that this is one of the most interesting waterfalls of them all. It has a more than uncommon shape, and it offers a sight that is incomparable. It is surrounded by green foliage and in case you are lucky enough to go in the right weather, you may see a rainbow in front of the fall. According to some people, it could be larger than the Jog Falls.

5. Huangguoshu Waterfall

The well-known waterfall of China is this one and at the same time, it is one of the biggest, being 74 m tall and 81 m wide. The water comes down in parallel columns. The best thing about it is that tourists have the possibility to go behind it and see it in a way that only a few of this size can be seen.

6. Mae Ya Waterfall

The waterfall is quite unusual because of the triangular shape that it has. Mae Ya can be found in the northern part of Thailand. It is no wonder that it has become so popular and in case you visit it, you will find a lot of people snapping pictures to take home.

7. Nohkalikai Falls

The waterfall is close to the border between India and Bangladesh. It is a location that is quite remote. The interesting thing about it is that it is pretty thin.


  1. Wow does this make me want to hike! Dad and I LOVED that hike when we did it! I only wish I had been able to capture the shitgs along the way, as well as you did! The gorge is such an awesome place!

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