Visit these Asian Countries for Medical Tourism

Medical tourism refers to people travelling to another country in order to obtain medical treatment along with some sightseeing. Asia has loads of such destinations that are worth terming as the best choices for medical tourism; some are India, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand and others. Before travelling all the way to an unknown country for any treatment, you need to know the details perfectly and about its budget as the affair would be costly and you should first be sure that you have chosen the right place. Here are details of some countries in Asia that are renowned for its medical facilities assuring of affordable costs.


Countries in Asia for medical tourism:

  1. Singapore- It is a destination for organ transplant, cancer treatment, cardiac surgery and fertility treatment. It is also known for KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital where Asia’s first IVF baby was produced in 1983. Also the KKIVF centre is the country’s largest infertility centre that offers a wide range of testing, diagnostics and treatment procedures.
  2. India- This country is among the world’s leading cardiac centre. It also offers some of the lowest cardiac costs for heart surgery with latest medical technologies. Some of the leading hospitals in India are The Apollo Group, Fortis Healthcare, and Narayana Health.
  3. Thailand- Apart from its beaches and other holiday destinations, Thailand is famous for its medical treatment as well. This place is famous for its cosmetic procedure right from tummy tucks to face lifts. Everything can be obtained there at a fraction of the cost. The country is also known for its eye and dental care as well as gender and IVF treatment.
  4. South Korea- it is a country that is specialized in Rhinoplasty, tip plasty (this is a Korean technique used to change the size and shape of the tip of one’s nose), eyelid surgery. It also offers comprehensive medical checkups.
  5. Malaysia- Apart from its huge mega structure, the Petronas Tower it also have many hospitals and medical centres. The country is famous for its western medical health screenings a well as a complementary medicine component.

You can also look for some other countries with other treatments and medical cure. But one good thing about these places is that they are not only famous for their medical treatments. But also for their beautiful holiday destinations and have lots of tourist attractions that would take away half of your pain and discomfort during the trip.