7 Things That May Get You in Trouble in Dubai

Although having a trip to Dubai is more than tempting, you should know that it is a country that comes with many traps that could bring you instant trouble. To make sure that nothing will go wrong, you should find out about the customs of the region.

1. Religion

The majority of the people are Muslims, and you know that this is a religion that comes with numerous strict rules. To stay out of trouble you should observe the way the local people act and try to behave in the same manner.

2. Drinking

There is a huge debate regarding the religion and drinking. You may have heard that the Muslim religion does not approve of consuming alcoholic beverages. Nonetheless you will find alcohol in hotels and clubs and you should drink only in these locations.

3. Driving and drinking

In case the police catch you driving after you have been drinking, you might face some jail time. If you get involved in an accident, your blood will be tested for alcohol, even if the accident wasn’t your fault. Also keep in mind that alcohol shows in the blood the morning after you have been drinking, so it may be better to get a taxi.

4. Swearing

Although it is common in the western cultures, swearing is forbidden in the region. The same thing is true for rude gestures and people usually don’t show their affection in public. These are the customs of the region and you have nothing to do about them.

5. Clothing

The climate of Dubai is relatively hot, and still the visitors should make sure that their legs and arms aren’t visible, and the abdomen shouldn’t be visible either. This is because it is considered a sign of disrespect. The rules are even stricter during Ramadan.

This is why the male visitors wear long trousers and women opt for long and loose trousers or skirts of mid-length. It is true that Dubai is the most liberal region of the Arabian countries, but still, obeying the rules will bring you the respect of the local people.

6. Ramadan

If you happen to visit Dubai during the month of Ramadan it is better not to be drinking, eating or smoking in public places, at least not between sunrise and sunset. The majority of the restaurants and hotels offer food during the day, but there are some restaurants that close until the sun goes down.

7. Tips

In the majority of the well-known restaurants, there will be a service charge added to your bill. Nonetheless this rarely gets in the hands of the waiting staff, and this is why it is common to leave about 10% of the bill in cash to show your appreciation towards the staff that served you.

There are some things that could really ruin your vacation. The easiest thing to do to avoid this is to observe the behavior of the other people, and follow their lead.