Top 5 Travel Destinations for Photography in Asia

For photography lovers, Asia is a complete paradise. From the high rise buildings of Shanghai to the natural serenity of Bali and from the streets of India to the temples of Cambodia-Asia is an amalgamation of colors, cultures, life and diverse people.  If you are planning to visit Asia anytime soon for photography then you might face a huge dilemma as to which place to go to in order to pursue your passion. Hence, we have come with a list of the top 5 travel destinations for photography in Asia:

1. India


India is a huge country with diverse cultures and varied natural settings. India is perfect for street photography, natural photography, landscape photography and wildlife photography. If you are interested in clicking the intensity in the eyes of the people, visit Old Delhi, for capturing the setting sun-go to Goa or Orissa or to capture the hills and the landscapes-go to Kashmir.

2. Bali

If you are a lover of natural landscapes and beaches, then Bali will offer you a colorful palette of sceneries and frames. Just take your camera and head to Bali and you will be surprised at what all you will bring back home in the roll of your camera.

3. Philippines

For clicking the natural flora and fauna and the diverse wildlife, head to Philippines. This country is a must visit place for photography lovers and is a country of which you won’t be able to get enough of.  Philippines has wonderful beaches, beautiful living species and very welcoming people. Thus this is a great place to fulfil all your photography passions and ambitions.

4. China


High rise buildings, beautiful temples and a wave of faces, China offers something for every kind of a photographer. This country lets you click lovely road shots, beautiful lighting bokeh effects and is ideal for street photography. The hustle bustle of the country translates beautifully onto the camera and the printed pictures.

5. Cambodia


If serenity and peace is what you want to capture in your camera, then visit Cambodia in Asia. This country has some of the most beautiful heritage sites in the world and one of them are the temples of Angkor Wat that are spread across 600 square miles of Jungles.  You can click some beautiful shots in this country which is famous for its endless ruins and similar settings.