Top 5 Tourist Destinations in Indonesia

Indonesia is a big country where there is a lot to explore. It is the world’s largest archipelago with as many as 18, 110 islands. While most people prefer visiting Bali, there are a lot of other things to see in this vast country. The list is long and it might take you days to visit all the places. But if you are on a short trip, make sure of visiting these 5 places:

1. Mount Bromo

mount bromo

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Located in east Java, this is an active volcano. It is not the highest peak of the Tengger Massif, but still is a very famous tourist spot. The top of the peak is not present and there is a crater inside that belches white smoke all day through. Surrounded by fine volcanic sand, the setting is absolutely stunning.

2. Bunaken


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This is one of most famous diving and snorkeling areas of Indonesia and is located in the island of Sulawesi. This island is a part of the famous Bunaken Marine Park and here you will be able to see about 70% of all species of fish that live in the entire western Pacific Ocean. April-November are the best months for diving.

3. Raja Ampat

raja ampat

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This place is one very beautiful natural creation in the world. Be it the cluster of volcanic rock, Wayag or the enchanting sea, you will surely be mesmerized by the beauty of this place. Do not miss out the coral reefs.

4. Komodo National Park

komodo national park

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Place of the largest living reptiles that weighs about 70kg and are more than 3 meter in length, this is yet another famous tourist attraction. Komodo is a formidable predator and human attack is rare.

5. Borobudur


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This is a very famous Buddhist temple and is located in Java. It is said that this was built for over 75 years during the eighth and ninth centuries with over 2 million stone blocks.

There are a lot of other places like Gili Islands, Belitung Islands, and Yogyakarta apart from these to see in Indonesia.