Top Tourist Attractions in Naga City

As a pilgrimage city and a perfect tourist destination Naga City is believed to be the most visited city of Philippines. The old churches constructed under Spanish colonial period will astound you as a visitor to the place.

Naga has abundance of entertainment options including mountain treks, world class wakeboard alternatives and others. As a tourism focal point, Naga swanks some of the best attractions which are mentioned below –

mt. isarog natural park

If you Love Culture, Visit the Following Places

Plaza Quince Martires

Situated in the heart of the Naga city, this monument was built during the American occupancy on 29th November, 1926 to honor the 15 Martyrs of Bicol.

Holy Rosary Minor Seminar

This Spanish era construction of bricks and tiles is denoted as vacation house. Built in 1785, this signifies the center of ecclesiastical education of the Bicol region. Retaining its colonial style, renovations has been done to protect this architecture.

San Francisco Bell Tower

This tower has witnessed the bloody rebel of 17th September, 1898 which forced Spanish governor to sign the paper of surrender that brought an end to the 300 years Spanish regime.

For Nature Lovers, Naga City has the Following to Offer

Panicauson Hot Spring Resorts

Located at the bottom of the river Ravine, this resort is a paradise of ancient trees and enormous ferns. The temperature of several natural pools ranges from 20o Celsius to 39o Celsius. This hot spring emanated from earth’s bowel will surely uplift your weary muscles if you take a rejuvenating bath here.

Mt. Isarog Natural Park

This picturesque park of Naga city is mostly frequented by adventure lovers, trekkers and nature lovers. This park has also accumulated the interest of researchers due to the vast compilation of flora and fauna. President Manuel Quezon has declared this park to be the national park in the year of 1937.

Malabsay Falls

Layered on the shoulders of Isarog Natural Park, this falls is a must visit venture for hikers and mountaineers to relax in the cold water and take a swim. It allows you to commune with the nature and space yourself out from busy town life.

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