Topas Ecolodge, Sapa – An Unusual Back to Nature Vietnam Resort

In case you would like a vacation that is different from all the others, you could be thinking about taking a trip to Topas Ecolodge. This is a fancy place located in Sapa, Vietnam. If you would like to enjoy nature from the comfort of your room, this is the place to visit.

General information

General Information

In fact the lodge is located in the mountains of Hoang Lien. There are 25 bungalows on the top of two hills which offer a magnificent view on clear days. The most people come here because of the scenery that they can enjoy while being surrounded by luxury. If you are looking for a lot of dining options and action, this is not the right destination for you.


Each day there is a bus that takes the tourists to Sapa and back to the lodge. However, the road takes an hour and it is a pretty bumpy one, so most probably you won’t be traveling too much during your stay.

The Rooms

There are deluxe rooms available that are perfect for those who aren’t on a tight budget. All rooms are of the same size and they are made of stone and simply decorated. Since people come here for the scenery, all rooms come with a large balcony, overlooking the valley. All rooms have heaters and dehumidifiers, and the guests can also ask for fans.

The rooms

Executive Style Rooms

These rooms come with more luxurious fittings and fixtures, two-way air conditioner, rain shower and minibar so they are really worth it if you aren’t on a budget. The deluxe rooms cost about $115, while the executive ones can be as expensive as $140 per night.

Reaching the bungalows

Reaching the Bungalows

The main reception is close to the main road. Usually there are a lot of people who are trying to sell souvenirs around the reception. You can reach the restaurant and the bungalows by a short walk. The restaurant offers drinks, snacks, dinner, and lunch and it is open all day. It is just natural that the restaurant also offers a view of the valley.

Walking around

Walking Around

If you don’t wish to stay in your bungalow all day, you may visit the villages of Thanh Phu and Ban Ho. There are excursions organized to these villages and you could also go on a mountain bike tour. Market visits to Ban Moi, Y Lin Ho, and Ban Lach can also be arranged with the lodge.