Top Tips to Visit Tibet this August

Tibet is one of the extremely tempting places for the daring travelers of the world. Going on the Everest – the rooftop of the world is something people dare to dream of achieving and going to Tibet is the next best thing.

Top Tips to Visit Tibet this August

August in Tibet

This summer month is considered to be the best time to travel to Tibet. During August a lot of outdoor festivals take place in Tibet. The Shoton festival and the horse racing are part of the events attracting a great number of tourists. Lhasa is the place to experience the entire beauty of Tibet tradition and see the festivals in their entire splendor.

Travel Papers

In order to travel to Tibet you must make sure you have a Tibet travel permit. This is issued only by the Tibet Tourism Bureau or the related authorities. In order to be obtained the tourists need to provide certain personal documents like copies of tourist passports and visas from Chinese government.


In spite of what you may think mornings and nights are still cold in Tibet so layering is a good idea. If you plan to hike you need at least a pair of sturdy but confortable hiking shoes. Remember that Tibet is at a much higher altitude than you would expect so blood pressure issues may occur. In case you are too cold or too hot these issues will get worse.

Things you must see

Apart from the fact that in August the lakes of Tibet have the most beautiful color, this amazing place has a lot of tourist attractions that must be seen. Sera and Drepung Monasteries are unique in the world and the beauty of Yarlung Valley leaves a powerful impression over the visitor. The best attraction is Potala Palace with its unique tradition and purpose but Jokhang Temple is also a place you shouldn’t miss during your visit to Tibet.

Local Artisans

The tourists visiting Tibet are encouraged to shop from the artisan shops. A large part of the local economy is supported by these shops so if you choose to get souvenirs from such shops you are giving back to the community.

Tips and Small Gifts

Tipping is a very common practice in Tibet. People helping you during your travel, carrying luggage, guiding you or driving you around expect to be tipped for their work. Money is good when tipping but you can also offer small items from your native land. In Tibet international brands so popular in the western world are extremely craved so offering something by a known brand is seen as high quality tipping.