Top Things to Plan in Kuwait

Kuwait is a city state which is among the most contested corners in the world and is an oasis in a land of desert plains.  Due to its rich cultural heritage and beautiful cityscapes, Kuwait attracts a lot of tourists each year and offers them a once in a lifetime experience. It is the perfect amalgamation of history, modernity, beaches, malls, restaurants and lovely souqs. If you are planning a trip to Kuwait and are confused of what exactly to do, then the following given list of the top things to plan in Kuwait will really be helpful:

Visit the Grand Mosque

grand mosqueOne of the top activities that you must do during your trip to Kuwait is to pay a visit to the Grand Mosque.  Malls and shopping experiences are definitely great in the city but if you really want to catch the true vibe and culture, then this visit will be a treat for you.

House of Mirrors

This beautiful and breath taking site is a popular landmark in Kuwait and is completely covered by mirror mosaics.  Each room in this landmark has its own special and unique story and helps you take an insight into the rich Kuwait History.

Go shopping

The oil-rich Kuwait is a shopper’s paradise and attracts many luxury shoppers from around the world.  There are many amazing malls and shopping centers in the city where you can shop for a large number of products. The Avenues is the biggest mall in Kuwait and consists of a large number of brands and restaurant chains.  You can easily plan one full day of shopping at this mall and this is also a good place for the kids to enjoy.


Souqs are also shopping complexes but with the specialty of selling gold.  Kuwait is a good place to purchase some gold and you can go to any souqs for gold shopping. You can spend about half a day easily at a souqs.

Visit the Fish Market

Kuwait has an air conditioned fish market which is a great attraction for buyers and tourists.  The place is clean but always bustling with a lot of activity which can be fun to watch for tourists.

Visit the Beach

beaches in Kuwait

There are many beautiful beaches along with Arabian Gulf Street.  The water on the beach is a little too shallow for serious swimmers but can still be great for tourists and residents.