Top 6 Tips for Summer Indian Tour and Travel

Although many want to stay confined in the rooms while the scorching heat of summer tortures the world, but you must be one of those who enjoy summers and would love to have holidays even during this season. India is blessed with summer season for most of the months, thus if you have already planned a vacation to India during the summers, make sure you read this list and get prepared beforehand for all the challenges.

tips for summer indian tour1. Sunglasses, Caps and Sunscreen Lotions

Needlessly you must carry UV protected sunglass with you while travelling during the summer period of the season.

Be careful while selecting your caps, because too much tight baseball pattern caps can make your scalp sweaty which lead to dandruffs as well. Hence airy cow boy patterned cap will be suitable for you.

Nevertheless you have to build up a habit of using sunscreen on your exposed part of the body. Excessive exposure to the direct sunlight can also cause skin cancer.

2. Comfortable Clothes

Cotton will be the most appropriate fabric for summer season with light shades and full in sleeves. Technical fabrics like lycra, polyester, nylon should be avoided.

3. Carrying Gamucha

Mostly popular in eastern part of India is a piece of garment which can be beneficial to you for traveling in summer as it dries out very quickly and can be stored easily.

4. Prefer to Travel in AC Bus / Cabs

To save your energy as well as to enjoy your journey comfortably, buses equipped with A/C will be preferable. In urban zones of India you will get A/C luxury buses with an ease.

5. Carrying Medicines

Travelling in summer days can cause upset tummy. Therefore you must be equipped with proper medicines consulting with your health provider.

6. Rehydration

During the summer season lots of seats make your body dehydrated. Hence you must be careful about this fact hydrating yourself to stay healthy. Nimbu pani or cold lassi will be always preferable items on this note.

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