Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Cyprus

Cyprus officially known as Republic of Cyprus; this island country stands on the eastern Mediterranean Sea and it is just opposite to the coasts of Syria and Turkey. It happens to be the third largest and third densely populated island in the Mediterranean region. It is a beautiful island with lots of natural and spellbinding views; it has witnessed many chapters of history and archaeologists already have gathered many Neolithic artifacts from the island.


There are many historical places that are worth visiting and needs no introduction. If you are a person who loves antique things and visit historical places then Cyprus is one such place for you to visit.

Below are some of the places that you must visit in Cyprus:

  1. Kalavasos Tenta- Kalavasos Tenta or simply “Tenta” to the locals is a Neolithic settlement that dates back to eighth millennium BC. You can go around and look around the ruins in “Tenta” that includes winding walls of some circular village.
  2. Amathus- Amathus is the most ancient settlement of the island. It dates back to 1050 BC and was believed to have begun as a Eteocyprians village that was home to communities of Greeks who worshipped Cult of Phoenicians, Ptolemies, Aphrodite, Persians, and Romans. Even after getting abandoned in the late seventh century it still has several well preserved tombs, an acropolis and temple for Aphrodite, an agora, public baths, and remains of a palace can be explored.
  3. Colossi Castle- Build as a thirteenth century fortification by the Knights Hospitallers in 1210, it was restored as a castle in 1454 by Frankish, Louis de Magnac who’s coat of arms still graces the caste wall.
  4. Choirokoitia- Another prehistoric agricultural settlement that dates back to 7000 BC is believed to hold the very first proof of human occupation on Cyprus.
  5. Paphos Castle- Constructed in the mid thirteenth century as a Frankish fortification following the earthquake that destroyed Saranda Kolones. It was transformed by the Genoese and the venetians until it was destroyed by the Ottoman invasion in 1570. However the Turkish rebuilt the castle and the visitors can now luckily visit the dungeons and battlements of this monument.

These were few of the paces to visit in Cyprus but as you go in depth of the island you will find more and more interesting historical places to visit. If you are a lover of history, antique things and old places then Cyprus is a must visit place for you.