Top 5 Places to Visit in Jordan

Jordan is culturally and heritage- wise, a rich country located in the Arab world. It is mostly a desert area but has many serene and exquisite sights which attract tourists from all over the world. Even though this country is comparatively new on the circuit of countries to visit in the Middle East it has become one of the most rewarding regions of the bunch.

Jordan has everything from canyons, valleys, desserts, architect and detail carvings to skin essentials particular to the region, Dead Sea, and a lot more. Following is a list of the top 5 places in Jordan you must visit.

Roman City of Jerash

roman city of jerashOne of the most well preserved cities of the Roman times situated in Jordan is a must visit for all the tourists. The city is said to be extremely beautiful and is well equipped to entertain and handle all the tourists. The special Chariot racing re- enactments, theatres, Triumphal Arch and many other features are sure to show you a good time.


A whole city in a valley basin located in southern Jordan. The city is stated to be legendary and hence has to be included in the list of top places to be visited in Jordan. Petra is grand, dramatic and all of the structures in the city have exquisite carvings. The Treasury (i.e. El Khazneh) is the most exquisite monument of all followed by the Royal Tombs, the theatre and the monastery.

The Dead Sea

the dead seaAnother must visit is the magical and magnificent dead sea. The peculiarity of the sea comes from the fact that no individual can sink in this sea’s water due to high saline levels; which also make it a natural spa.

Dana Biosphere Reserve

Flagship reserve of Jordan this biosphere spreads over about 320sq. km of territory including beautiful and rugged cliffs, highlands and desserts. The reserve homes a wide variety of both fauna and flora. So be it the trekking, the beauty, the silence or the exquisite variety of fauna/ flora that draws you this place will meet all of your expectations.

Red Desert of Wadi Rum/ WadiMujib

red desert of wadi rumDubbed as the ‘Grand Canyon” of Jordan, this valley offers a serene and dramatic view of the Arabian red dessert. The valley’s beauty is best explored from the back of a camel or a jeep. Taking this ride through the valley situated between the Madaba and the Karak is a must on the, to- do list for Jordan.