Top 5 Luxury Hotels In Turkey

Turkey is one of the most popular and most visited travel destinations in the world and is a country which brings together the European and Middle Eastern cultures together. From a diversity in languages to a variedness of cultures, it is truly an international country and thus on the travel lists of many people in the world. If you are planning to visit Turkey soon, then you must make sure you stay at a place which enhances your experience. There are many luxury hotels in Turkey and below given is the list of top 5

1. Hotel Amira Istanbul

hotel amira istanbul

This is one of the most luxurious hotels in Turkey and is located in Istanbul. This is a 5 star hotel but is made in boutique style. It is located close to the Blue Mosque which is the number 1 travel destination of the country and thus has a wonderful location.  With handmade ceiling paintings to spacious rooms, this hotel offers a lot of culture and grace. It offers a sauna, Jacuzzi, Wifi, gym and massage service.

2. Jumeirah Bodrum Palace

jumeirah bodrum palace

As the name suggests this hotel in turkey in nothing less than a palace. It is set against the Bodrum coast which is a magical location in itself. It offers all the world-class amenities and facilities and is a 5 star hotel which brings together comfort and luxury. This hotel was previous the Golden Savoy.

3. D-Hotel Maris

d-hotel maris

Another luxury hotel that you can stay in Turkey is the D-Hotel Maris. It has a breathtaking location and some of the most amazing views. From 5 natural private beaches to volcanic mountain ranges, you can access and view some lovely things from here.

4. Doria Hotel Bodrum

doria hotel bodrum

Another hotel on this list is the hip boutique hotel called Doria Hotel located in Bodrum.  This is an open and airy hotel which has 92 spacious rooms, a swimming pool, a gym, a sauna and many other world class amenities. It provides lovely scenic views and makes for a heavenly experience.

5. JW Marriot Hotel Ankara

JW marriot hotel ankara

This luxury hotel is the first choice for most political and business men who travel to this country.  It gives you easy access to shops, modern shopping areas, nearby city attractions and is known for hosting many important political and cultural events as well. It is a 5 star hotel.