5 Useful Tips When Travelling to Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep is an archipelago which is located at a distance of about 200 to 300 km from the coastline of south Indian state of Kerala.  This is the smallest union territory of India and consists of some beautiful places to visit and some gorgeous beaches.  When travelling to Lakshadweep, one must keep certain things in mind to ensure that you have a smooth and wonderful trip.

You should know what to pack, where to go, what to eat and what to do when travelling to Lakshadweep. The following are the top 5 travel tips to consider when travelling to Lakshadweep for those who are planning a visit soon.

tips when travelling to Lakshadweep

1. Time to Visit

Lakshadweep remains hot and tropical for almost all through the year.  Since it is a coastal area, breeze flows and makes the weather pleasant for several months during the year and the best time to visit this island is between October and April. For the rest of the months, the temperatures really sore up high and it can prove very hot and uncomfortable to travel here.

2. Entry Permit and Means to Travel

It is important to get an entry permit which takes about 2 days to get processed.  You must have a proper plan and advanced tickets to travel to travel here. Some of the best ways to reach Lakshadweep include through cruise lines, by air and by ships that start from Kochi and other places.

3. Hotel and Resort Accommodation

During the peak season, it can be difficult to find an accommodation on the island since there aren’t too many places to stay.  Thus it is important to book your accommodation well in advance.  There are hotels suitable for all budgets and requirements.  Government run hotels are also very common and prove to be a good place to stay in.

4. Shopping in Lakshadweep

This is not really a shopping destination but you can find local stores and handicraft shops in plenty to make some purchases.  Some things that you can shop for from here include aquariums, artificial jewellery, household items and canned fish biscuits.

5. What to Eat

You will find plenty of seafood options when you travel to Lakshadweep. It is better to eat out at restaurants rather than road side vendors to get the best quality. Try out the local savories to make the most of your trip.