Tips to Travel in Asia in September 2013

No matter what time of the year you travel to Asia, you can be sure that your stay will be enjoyable. However, in September you have to think about the fact that some of the Asian countries are going through monsoons season, while in other countries the typhoon brings rain and wind.

The Weather

You have to prepare for the fact that the weather at this time of the year is unpredictable in Asia. The good news is that the countries with high humidity start to cool down so they become more pleasant. Also the autumn brings the time of harvest festivals.

Festivals and Holidays

In case you would like to attend a given festival, you should make sure that you go right there so that you won’t have to travel. This is important because before a festival transportation becomes a nightmare. Also think about the fact that you might not be able to find accommodation because everything will be already booked.


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Chinese Moon Festival

There are quite a few festivals and holidays that you can choose from. These include the Phuket Vegetarian Festival, Full Moon Party, Chinese Moon Festival, Malaysia Day, and National Day in China.  If you are going to China, don’t forget that a lot of people will travel to Beijing, which will make traveling more difficult for you.

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Most probably you would like to make the best of your trip, which you can’t if it is raining. This is why you should consider as your destination Indonesia, including Bali, Singapore, Northern Sri Lanka, Northern China, Beijing, Borneo and Hong Kong.

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If you travel destination isn’t among these locations, you should make sure that it isn’t Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and the Philippines.  Also don’t forget that the peak season in Japan is between August and October. One of the things you could do is to track the storms on the internet.


It is interesting to know that monsoons don’t always come and go on time. In the same time it is possible for one part of the country to be flooded and the other regions to be enjoying sunny days. If you travel during the monsoon season it will be easier to find accommodation and the cities won’t be crowded with tourists.

Although it is a good idea to travel in September, there are some aspects that you have to take into consideration.