Best Tips for Travelling to Thailand with Kids

Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations for people all across the world and is a beautiful country for those who are looking for a beach holiday.  Going to Thailand with both friends and family can be a lot of fun but there are certain things that you would need to keep in mind when you travel there with your kids.  You might not be prepared for certain things when you reach Thailand with your kids alongside and hence it is better to be informed rather than regret later. Hence we have some effective and useful tips for travelling to Thailand with kids:

tips for travelling to thailand with kidsTry to Get a Direct Flight

Travelling with kids can be very hectic, and especially when you don’t get a direct flight. If you are travelling to Thailand from outside Asia, then make sure you try to get a direct flight so as to avoid long waits and a hectic schedule.

Try to Arrive at your Kids’ Bed Time

Another good tip to travel to Thailand with kids is to try to arrive at their bed time so that they don’t experience jet lag and are relaxed for the trip.

Relax the First Day

Make sure your first day isn’t too hectic or you will tire the kids early on in the trip.  Have a relaxing day by visiting the Grand Palace and other similar places can be a good idea to have a smooth start to the trip.

Carry an Umbrella Stroller

Thailand is a dry, humid and hot country and the heat can be a little too much for your kids to handle. This is why it is important to carry an umbrella stroller for your kids so that they can be protected from the harmful UV rays as much as possible.

Choose a Baby Friendly Hotel

Make sure you book a kid or baby friendly hotel in Thailand. If your kids are toddlers, you can request for a room with baby cots in them so that you can have a comfortable stay.

Avoid Travelling too much

If you have a shorter stay in Thailand, don’t try to include a lot of places and avoid travelling as much as possible. Visit only 2-3 places at the max to enable your kids to have a relaxing trip rather than a very busy and tired one.

Carry Essentials

Don’t forget to carry all the essentials for your kids like swimming costume, sunscreen, clothes etc. because you might not find them of your choice in Thailand, especially at the beaches.