5 Essential Tips for Travelling to Bhutan

Bhutan is one of the brilliant places that make for amazing vacation spots whether you go out with family members, friends or even colleagues. The place has a perfect balance of historic relevance, mixture of cultures and a topographically rich geography. The multiple monasteries, fortresses and subtropical plains offer up a hugely serene and surreal experience to all those who visit this place. There are a few things that all must keep in mind when planning a trip to Bhutan.

tips for travelling to bhutan

These tips for travelling to Bhutan are a treasure for all travelers:

1. Sunscreen and Sun Protective Clothing is a Must

The first and formerly essential tip that everyone must keep in mind is carrying their sunscreens when travelling to Bhutan. Who would want to get all sun burnt during the trip? No one! So it is essential that one carries multiple layers of clothing and sunscreen to protect against the harmful effects of sun on the trip.

2. No ATMs in Bhutan

A major fact about Bhutan which if left in noticed will definitely hamper your experience there is- there are no ATMs in Bhutan. So it is absolutely essential that you carry all the cash you need with you. Since you will not have the opportunity to pull money out if you are in need, it is best to use the currency exchange at the airport itself.

3. The Land of Vegetarians

The vegetables available in this land locked country are very fresh because most of them are locally grown. Most advice travelers to step away from their meaty non- vegetarian ways since there are little refrigeration in the region. So enjoy the local Bhutanese food and flow in the fresh veggies aroma. And all non vegetarians, please be prepared for a diversion of food preferences.

4. Carry Books and Other Means to Keep you Entertained

The roads in Bhutan are extremely curvy, have a lot of dirt and gravel. This is why most of the drivers in Bhutan drive slowly considering the safety of the passengers and keeping the accidents to almost none. So it is best that you carry books or some other devices like iPods etc to keep yourself company on the long road journeys that you’ll have to take to travel from one region to another.

5. The Language

Dzongkha is the language of Bhutan, and though most of the people there do speak English, there is no harm in learning a few words of the local language. Also remember there is no set standard that guides Dzongkha translations to the English language.