Travel Tips for People Travelling to Philippines

Most people make the mistake of judging the entire country of Philippines with Manila and you should never judge a country by its entrance. It is a beautiful country but in order to have a safe and hassle free trip, there are certain things that you need to follow and keep in mind throughout your stay in Philippines. Here are some realistic and practical tips that would be helpful to you.


Hire a Trustworthy Guide

This is very important and it helps greatly when you know someone in Philippines. Even if you do not, ask your hotel for a tour guide and take the help from a trusted source in order to stay safe. You can also ask your hotel for recommendations regarding drivers who can take you around and if taking cab, ask the driver to turn on the meter.

Travel South but not Far South

There is a lot to see in this country apart from Manila and hence, you need to move out of the capital to explore the bests. Boracay is a nice place to visit in the south but it is always crowed with foreigners and tourists.

If you prefer quieter places, visit Bohol, Palawan, Baguio, Siquijor, Camiguin and a few others. Do not travel too much south as that is where the kidnappings and bombings take place. Try and stick to tourist safe zones.

Check IDs and Uniforms

If possible check the IDs of the people whose services you hire like cabs, tour guides etc. and decide on the pay in the beginning of their services to enjoy a headache free holiday.

Keep Cash in Hand

Most of the secluded nature spots do not have ATMs and hence it is better to have enough cash no matter where you go. But do not carry too much and be alert of snatchers. Take care of your mobile phones and cameras.

Always drink bottled water and carry an insect repellent. It is hot and humid and hence keep a small towel handy. Enjoy!

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