5 Important Tips to Consider When Visiting Mongolia

Mongolia is a nation which is bordered by Russia and China.  It lies in Asia and is a rugged adventure destination.  Its vast emptiness and its mysterious people can seem to be an attractive point for many and thus making it an upcoming travel destination. If you are travelling to this country anytime soon, then you must definitely keep certain tips and suggestions in mind so as to make the most of it. The following are the top tips to consider when visiting Mongolia.

important tips to consider when visiting mongolia

1. Avoid Being too Punctual or Strict about Time

People in Mongolia have a relaxed and laid back attitude towards life and time and hence it is pointless to be very strict about it yourself. Try to be relaxed and follow the Mongolian standard time or MST as they call it.  Do not stress about being early or late as this will only affect you negatively.

2. Be Ready for Bumpy and Long Car Rides

When travelling to Mongolia, be ready for some long and rather bumpy car rides.  Make sure you carry cassettes or music and not CDs as most cars do not have CD drivers in them. But do make some arrangements for music to pass time when you are in the car.

3. Be Ready to Meet Some Solo Travelers and Hippies

Do not be surprised if you meet solo travelers and hippies on your trip to Mongolia. Due to the emptiness, rugged land of Mongolia, a lot of hippies from around the world travel to this country. Rather than avoiding them, join them, listen to their stories and try to have some good time with them.

4. Do not Forget the Camera

This is a very beautiful country where you can relax, unwind and enjoy yourself like no other place. Its long mountains and rugged terrain look beautiful during sunset and sunrise. To capture these moments, make sure you carry a quality camera with extra memory cards and battery packs.

5. Trust your Driver

There is no gps, no maps; no travel guides available in Mongolia so rather than getting tensed about it, make sure you trust your driver with the directions.  Most drivers are skilled navigators and with them, you won’t need a GPS.  They are mostly honest and won’t take you through any long route just to charge more. So sit back, enjoy the scenery and do not worry about the way.