Useful Tips and Suggestions for Travelling to Yemen

Yemen is a beautiful country which in many ways is the birthplace of lives. Yemen has, for a long period of time been locked away in a corner and is forgotten by tourists from around the world. This however is a huge oversight because Yemen is a unique place with a romantic vibe and is a place which everyone must visit once.

If you are someone who is looking to travel to Yemen but are unsure of several things regarding your plans and safety, then the following given tips will prove to be of great help for you.

tips and suggestions for travelling to yemenHow to get there

There are many flights which fly to Yemen and some of them include British Airways, Air France, KLM and others. You can either choose a direct flight or a one with stop/stops.


You will need a Visa to enter the country and this can be done by contacting the Yemeni Embassy in your nation.

About Money

The local currency in Yemen is Rial and this is fixed to the US dollar. You can either convert your currency from your country or get it changed once you reach Yemen.

About Communications

Yemen is a poor and underdeveloped country which does have many communication channels like phone booths, internet cafes etc. but these are not very developed. Carrying your Smartphone or mobile phone is a good idea or you can even purchase a mobile phone when you get there.

What to Pack

It is totally Upto you what you wish to pack or wear in Yemen but there are certain essentials which you definitely must carry with you when you travel to the country. The following is a list:

  • Sunglasses-Yemen is a hot country and may need you to carry your sunglasses at all times.
  • A hat or a cap is also a must.
  • A torch can also prove to be useful.
  • Good walking shoes and flip flops are also recommended.
  • Good pair of shorts, shirts, loose clothes and dresses.
  • A good quality sunscreen lotion and your medicines.
  • Scarves may also be needed so as to enter a few mosques or other places.

Women Safety

If you are a woman travelling alone or with a few other people, you must be careful about your safety. You are not forced to wear burqas or scarves at all times but you must avoid wearing very revealing clothes.