Things to do in Tokyo during winter season

Tokyo is a wonderful city thatnot only does offer a great taste to both the old and modern Japanese culturebut also provides the tourists with a closer look to its amazing city life. However, its only during the winter season when you can expect the city to turn into a place of awesomeness. Yes, that’s true. Winter in Tokyo offers a lot of things to the tourists. This article will mainly focus on the things which you can do in Tokyo during winter.

Enjoy the Christmas

Are you planning to make a trip to Tokyo in winter? If you do, do not by any chance miss the Christmas celebration. During this season, several European and American themed Christmas shops open in the Tokyo markets. There, you could find all the Christmas toys and products, including the ones imported from the western countries. So, you can shop cakes, toys, mulled wine, etc.

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Enjoy the New Year celebration

After the Christmas gets over, Tokyo indulges in new year celebration. During the celebration, the nightlife turns vibrant. You will not only see the display of firecrackers, but also anopen celebration on the Tokyo roads. Besides, the midnight parties, bell ringing celebration, etc turn the new year celebration MOREexciting.

Taste the cuisine

When its winter in Tokyo, the restaurants come up with traditional Japanese dishes. And these dishes could be described using just a single word, i.e. awesome. They don’t only offer a great taste but also satisfies the curious mind of a traveler who loves to taste different foods once a while. Few of the popular winter foods include Motsunabe, a bowl of Ramen, hot pot, oven, Mo-Mo paradise, etc.

Go Shopping

Shopping in Tokyo could be fun in winter, especially when you can find huge discounts on certain products. In fact, the new year sale begins at this time, and the products are sold at cheap rates. You could get a discount somewhere between 20% to 50%, though it varies from shops to shops. However, you must be present in the first week of January to grab the best deals on every product.

Visit the Imperial Palace

The imperial palace consists of gardens those are major tourist attractions in Tokyo. But what exactly is the Imperial palace gardens about? Well, imperial palace is where the Japanese imperial family resides and is situated near to a place where once the Edo castle stood. Mainly, the imperial gardens are divided into two. THE eastern gardens are open to the tourists throughout the year (Except Mondays and Fridays), however, the inner gardens are made available to the public on certain occasions. If the weather permits, you can visit the palace and observe its rich culture.

Tokyo is a great city for tourists. It has all the essential components a tourist could find attractive, especially during winter. From Christmas illumination to the new year celebration, and from the Tokyo dome city to the Omotesando, Tokyo offers almost everything. Hence, exploring the city during winter season could be a cool idea.