Top 10 Things to do with Children in Bangkok

Bangkok is land for family holidays for sure and when you have kids with you, the place offers too many options to keep them entertained throughout. Travelling across the Chao Phraya River in the tail boat, scenes of milking a snake for its venom or the tuk tuk ride across the city – Bangkok will never let your kids get bored.

Eateries in Bangkok also provide all sorts of food that will be suitable for your infants as well. The air-conditioned indoor playgrounds, game zones and thrilling rides are just some more options for kids. Read on more to learn how to enjoy Bangkok with children –

things to do with children in bangkok1. The Latest Subway System

You can take your kids for a ride through some of the backstreets. Make sure you never miss the best and the latest subway system that is extremely cool and clean and also convenient to reach.

2. Visit the Best Hotels

The best hotels here itself will provide with a positive environment for the kids. The best buffets, huge swimming pools etc. are something they look out for and Bangkok has it all.

3. Get some shopping done

Even kids’ love to shop and here you have sufficient options that will provide you with a wonderful shopping experience. The MBK looms, Esplanade Mall etc. are some of the best shopping destinations.

4. Safari World

There is no doubt that kids like animals. So to get into the kingdom of animals, you can take your children to the Safari world. The wildlife here is amazing and all at one place itself, children will get to watch numerous animals.

5. The Best Zoos

Bangkok is a well-known place for the best zoos. Dusit Zoo is a famous one here and is worth visiting as it is more than 80 years old. You can try the skywalk here from where you can view the animals beneath.

6. Try the Skytrain

This can definitely be an exciting adventure for the children. You can view the various elements of this wonderful city from here in air-conditioned comfort. This can truly be an amazing thing for you and your children.

7. Excellent Cinemas

The Excellent cinemas here are known to be the apt place for children as it houses the best aquariums, planetariums and the IMAX theaters. Hence, they will thoroughly enjoy here.

8. Siam Paragon

Do not forget to visit Siam Paragon as it is featured with Siam Ocean World, IMAX, Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum and Kidzania. Children will definitely love to be here and will definitely enjoy every moment that they will spend here.

9. Amusement Parks

Bangkok is well-known for the amazing amusement parks one of the best amusement park here is Dream world that you will love. The rides, shows and everything in this place will surely be loved by them.

10. Eating Spots

Bangkok has sufficient eating spots that can be explored. The children will definitely love the Asian food that you get here and they will surely love this place. Some of the best restaurants here are La Cantina, Ruan Songnaree etc. that provides less spicy food on request.

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