Top 10 Things to do When in Shanghai

Bristling with buildings, large crowds and architectural marvels, Shanghai is a city where life unfolds every day, not just on street level but also on several other levels.  If you are visiting Shanghai anytime soon then you would be spoilt for choice for the places to visit. To make things easier for you, we have listed down the top 10 things to do in Shanghai:

1. Fuxing Park

fuxing parkShanghai is a city made for walking and that is what this park enables one to do.  From colonial era French Concession to stuccoed villas, this park is a must visit on your next trip to Shanghai.

2. Shanghai Museum

shanghai  museum

Shanghai museum is hugely contrasting to the rest of the museums in Shanghai and consists of several things which can blow your mind. Give it is a visit!

3. Din Tai Fung

din tai fung

This is one of the most popular Taiwanese restaurants in Shanghai and is a place where you can enjoy great culinary joy on your visit to Shanghai the next time.

4. Dongtai Road

If you are looking for some street shopping or a flea market in Shanghai, then visit Dongtai road which is a haven for anything that you might want to buy.

5. Get a Green Massage

If you are looking for some relaxation after a long day or trip in Shanghai, then go get a green massage.  It would be a very rewarding experience but only if you are strong enough to make through it.

6. 50 Moganshan Road

50 Moganshan road is a collection of once-deserted warehouses which are now used for selling art by contemporary artists.

7. The Bund

the bundThe Bund is a riverfront boardwalk which is ideal for the tourists and is a magnet for Chinese farmers. It’s another must visit for anyone who is on a trip to Shanghai.

8. Jishi

If you are a foodie who believes in enjoying the local food then visit Jishi which may be a tiny place but is always crowded.  Do try this one out.

9. Vue Bar

vue barVue Bar is yet another must visit attraction which is located at the top of the building and looks over the Huangpu River.

10. Shanghai Maglev Train

shanghai maglev trainIf you wish to experience the technological growth of China and take a taste of the modernity of the city, hop onto the Shanghai Maglev train which reaches a speed of 430km/hr. at tops.