Things to do in Santorini, Greece

Santorini is considered as one of the mysterious and charming island of Greece. Blessed with unique geographical characteristics, Santorini has become the most treasured destination spot. This island originated from volcanic explosions before thousands of years ago. Things which you should not miss out in Santorini, nature’s beautiful creations are as follows:

things to do in santorini greeceStaying in Cave House

The most unique architectural concept of Santorini is Cave House. To be protected from the gusty wind, the poor society invented this type of house. Borrowing this distinctive pattern recent architectures have modernized this concept and constructed lavish holiday resorts. Its ambience and the direct access of caldera will surely charm your experiences.

Visiting Ancient Akrotiri

To be knowledgeable regarding the elegant and high fineness mansions of 17th century B.C you must visit to Akrotiri which has been opened up for public viewers after long 6 years. To travel in time and have a glimpse of pre-historic inhabitants, Akrotiri would be the best option for you.

Experiencing Local Cuisine with Santorini Products

To feel the influence of the land you need to senses the aroma through it local cuisine comprising of special Santorini products. You must go for the unique featured Santorini wine to go through metallic flavor.

Experiencing Santorinian Scuba Diving

To undergo through the sensation of underwater world you must try Santorinian Scuba Diving. To have a glance of distinctive world beneath the water and volcanic stones as well as depth of the caldera, this activity should not be missed out.

Visit to Ammoudi for Eating

After enjoying swimming below the caldera or diving into the deep water you need to visit Ammoudi to have the flavors of special fish and sea dishes. The view of sunset from this location of Santorini will surely mesmerize you. This place is considered to have the longest duration of sunset.