Top 5 Things to do in Budapest, Hungary

Budapest the capital city of Hungary is also the largest one in the whole of European Union. This city is the country’s central area for all political, cultural, commercial and industrial aspects.

Naturally it is also one of the major tourist attractions of the country with various places of attractions. So if you are trying to figure out the things to do in Budapest, the list that follows is bound to help you out and make trip planning easier.

things to do in budapest, hungaryThe Szechenyi Baths

Visiting this quintessential thermal bath in the city and having a soak in it is a unique experience. Many people love enjoying these baths, one of the last remnants of Turkish influence, early in the morning or right before the sun sets in the city.

The Chain Bridge

This is the first bridge in the city which has the Buda castle in the background adding oodles of elegance to the already spectacular view. Go ahead and take a walk on this monumental bridge on a lovely nigh.

The Danube River Cruise

The Danube divides Budapest into two parts which gives one the opportunity to experience the beauty of both the sides (Buda and Pest) on this cruise. Take the cruise and be stunned by the night beauty of the city with the glittering of the buildings lining the river.

Wine Tasting

Below the Buda Castle lays the Faust Wine Cellar which stocks the best wine from 22 regions of the country. The relaxed setting of the cellar makes for an amazing wine tasting experience.

The Segway Tour

Go zipping along the streets of Budapest’s major attractions and get all the information you need about the region along the way. This tour gives all the visitors an excellent introduction of the whole city.