6 Top Things to Do in Kerala

Kerala is one of the smallest states of India. Because of its natural beauty, it is also known as God’s Own Country. It is made of beaches, rivers, paddy fields, coconut palms, and let’s not forget about its amazing wildlife.

1. Kerala Backwaters

If you ever get the chance to visit this magical place, you should have a visit to the Kerala Houseboat. This way you will experience the beauty of the backwaters and to see the village up close, getting an idea about the life that people have there. To do this you could get a wooden canoe that is pretty inexpensive and that will offer an unforgettable experience.

2. Munnar Visit

This place is best known for the spice and tea plantations. Here you will find a well-known hill station. Since tea is the main attraction, you should walk through the tea plantations, learn a little something about the process and also try to taste as many kinds as possible. The spices may also be of interest to you, as well as the oils prepared from the spices and the chocolate specialties that you can find there.

3. Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

In case you are looking for some peace and quiet, you should have a boat ride on the Periyar Lake. The most interesting experience that you could have in here is to see an elephant herd. If you are really into wildlife, here you have the possibility to see tigers, leopards and elephants. Naturally there are some other mammals as well that you may be interested in, including gaur, barking deer, sambar, mouse deer, mongoose, Dholes, and foxes.

4. Homestay

Many Homestays that you can find in the region offer home cooked meals. The best thing about them is that they offer you the possibility to meet some people and to have a closer look to the culture. You can expect the people to be friendly and they have no problems with interacting with tourists.

5. Food

Just as in any other cases, you should try some local specialties. For instance, for breakfast you could have some dosa, idli, appam or puttu. For lunch you could have vegetarian dishes like payasam and papad. The snacks that you could find here involve vada, neyyappam, and pazhampori. If you aren’t vegetarian you could try fish curry. Now that we’re here, you should also make sure to try the special tea of the place that you can find in all the small hotels in small bottles.

6. The true feeling of Kerala

One of the most memorable things that you could do is to wear a Kerala sari that is made of five meters of fine white cotton, with golden zari. Also don’t forget to add a jasmine to your hair for the ultimate look.

If you are planning a visit to Kerala, make sure that you will catch Onam, which is the most popular festival.