5 Things to Do in Halong Bay Besides Admiring the Scenery

Halong Bay is one of the top destinations regarding the southeastern region of Asia, along with Ho Chi Minh City. In case you happen to have some extra time, there is a lot to do here, besides admiring the scenery so take a trip to the city.

1. Coffee

Although you may think that it is just like any other kind of coffee, Vietnamese coffee has something special about it. Try it at Café 555. You will find it on the main road among different shops. You will taste different kinds of coffees here. If you are a fan, you don’t want to leave this place anytime soon. On the other hand, if you aren’t really into coffee, there are some other drinks that you could try.

2. Karaoke

Usually people think about karaoke only during the night, but at Café Kinh Moi Karaoke you could sing whenever you want to. If you like to keep your talent to yourself, you could sing inside, but if you don’t, make sure that your voice is heard by singing outside. You will find this café almost next to Café 555.

3. Halong Bay Casino

This is a really small casino and it is the only one of Halong Bay. For foreigners it is a must to show their passport at the entrance but the good thing is that there is no need for a deposit. On the ground floor you will find the slot machines and the coffee lounge.

Two gambling halls are there in casino. One of the halls is on the ground floor but it is closed during weekdays and there is another one on the first floor which is the main hall. Although it is said to be main, you can walk through it in about two minutes. This is the place to visit if you are feeling lucky.

4. Halong Market

You will need a taxi to get there, but it is easy to find, because it is in the center of Halong City. When you get there make sure that you take a look at both the dry and wet market. If you are brave enough, there are different kinds of exotic foods for you to try. Some of the foods that you have to try are Squid Cakes. These are something like the Thai Fish Cakes and they are sold in an open area behind the market.

You will find them at several stalls and they are quite cheap but very tasty. In the wet market, you will find local delicacies and foods such as deep fried mini crabs. Then have some mixed dishes made of rice and in the end have some herbal drinks. You have to make sure that you get few local fruits too.

5. Souvenirs

Although it is tempting to get some souvenirs from the place, don’t forget that most probably they come from the sea that is stripped from corals and the local people also break the stalactites and stalagmites to make souvenirs of them.