5 Things You Should Bring Back from South Korea

We are talking about South Korea, one of the fastest growing Asian countries, and a hub of high definition entertainment industry. It is also a place one must visit if given an opportunity. It is a country gifted with a strange concoction of industrialization, traditions, historyand glamour—all of these amalgamating into a fine mixture and giving a perfect taste to one who experiences it.

If you are in South Korea, you should definitely check out many of its remarkable places, but well, do not forget to buy certain things from here because they are exceptionally good and perhaps unique. So, without further ado, here is a list of 5 things you should bring back from South Korea.

5 things you should bring back from South Korea

1. Beauty products

The South Korean cosmetic industry does well to both males and females. South Korean cosmetics are famous worldwide and everyone knows how much variety you might find there. The brands range from Laneige to Innisfree, and each one of them is crazy popular in and outside the country.

If you are wondering what makes Korean cosmetic industry so fabulous, then look at the people when you are here—all of them look picture perfect!

2. Dried Seaweeds

It is not unusual to see fresh seaweeds being sold on the beaches of South Korea, and you know what, you can get dried ones packed to take back home. These dried seaweeds can be preserved for quite some time and are sure tosavor your taste buds amazingly.

A recommendation to those who are clueless about the variety: we suggest you try out the salted ones which are conveniently available in supermarkets and grocery stores.

3. Socks!!!

South Korean socks are something that cannot be missed for sure! They are utterly cute, and you would not able to resist yourself and would immediately buy a couple of them without even you knowing. Here you can find Hello Kitty, Minions, Anime, Manga, etc inspired socks which will totally rock those feet.

If you are looking for perfect souvenirs, then, friend, you know what to get!

4. Korean embroidery

Traditional Korean embroidery is dying down with time, but there are artists who are putting in everything to prevent this from happening. We strongly recommend you to buy something with Korean embroidery to take back home.

There are pouches, bags,and wallets embroidered with traditional Korean art. You can even get aprons, glass cases and decorative flowers and animals with such embroidery, and these are not even expensive.

5. Electronics

South Korea is the hotspot for electronics, and despite being one of the most expensive countries in Asia, you can get really cheap deals on electronics here—if you bargain right!

If you an electronics enthusiast or willing to buy Korean gadgets, then head straight to the famous Yongsan Electronics Market, which is basically a five-storeyed building housing many electronic shops. You can find practically every kind of electronics here, but, my friend, make sure you bargain the hell out of your deal!