The Five Must to Visit Places in Doha, Qatar

Qatar- Doha is one of the most populous cities located on the Persian Gulf and has a lot to offer when it comes to visitors and travelers. There are numerous destinations here which are worth a visit for the travelers who visit this part of the world on business or leisure.The following is a list of the five must to visit places in Doha, Qatar’s capital.

1. The Museum of Islamic Art

museum of islamic art

This museum is a centre that displays the blend of the beautiful Islamic cultures and arts. The epitome of modern architecture of Islam, the museum boats of the best art collection of the Muslim world including pieces of Arab, African and Persian influences. Visitors can take their pick from the multiple exhibitions that are arranged here to quench their thirst for Muslim culture, clothing and art.

2. The Aqua Park

aqua park

Located in the Abu Nakhla region of Doha, this water theme park is a must visit for all. This only water park in Doha region is a spot that offers complete entrainment for visitors of all ages. Spread over an area of about 50000 sq. meters the rides in the park are a lifetime experience for all those who make it here.

3. Al Shahaniya Camel Racetrack

Traditionally known as the ‘sport of sheiks’- the tradition of camel racing is still in existence in Al Shahaniya. The visitors are sure to be charmed by the fierceness and the exquisiteness of the competitive sport which is also one of the most expensive activities in the region.

4. The Corniche, Doha

the corniche, doha

The Corniche is the most attractive area of Doha that boasts of modern architecture surrounded by lush greens. All those who love to take in the fresh breeze must make it down to the area and go for a walk along this curve shaped/ horseshoe like sea- line. The area also provides with the most breathtaking views of the oyster and the city. It is extremely popular amongst the locals for gatherings and regular outings. If walking isn’t your thing, you can also cruise along the sea for a pleasurable night on your trip.

5. The Desert Safari

desert safari

A trip to Doha without the pleasure and excitement of the dessert safari is incomplete. The travel guides in region can arrange for a safari ride for visitor as per their preferences. Whether one rides a camel in the dessert or enjoys it from the comforts of a four wheeler is completely up to the individual, but you should not miss on the safari.