The Business Man’s Guide to Hanoi in 2014

Hanoi has been considered one of the most popular destinations for business trips in Asia. In case your work takes you there, you should know that you can do much more than simply go about your business. Hanoi can prove to be versatile and able to capture your full attention, not to mention that once the work is done you can try experience the city like a local.


Visa Issues

You can deal with the problem of having to wait over 90 minutes for the issue of an online obtained visa to be solved. In case you want to avoid the fuss consider obtaining the visa from the local embassy previous to your departure.

Shuttle Buses, Busses and Scooter Taxis

Shuttle buses and busses are cheaper but drivers can be annoying. If you choose to use a scooter taxi instead, you will be able to experience the busy side of Hanoi traffic in a very authentic way. Provided your business schedule allows it you should try seeing the real side of Hanoi following the locals’ example.

Spring in Hanoi

In the begging of the New Lunar Year Hanoi experience the busiest two weeks. This brings visitors from all over the world and in case your work brings you to Hanoi then make sure you have a look at the traditions specific for this holiday.

Flower Blooms

Flower Blooms

The beginning of spring offers uniquely beautiful peach trees in bloom. Dahlias, daffodils and violets bloom around this time of the year so the city shows his beautiful and fragrant side.

Eating, Drinking and Shopping

Eating, Drinking

Everybody talks about exotic food you can experience in Hanoi. Cobra blood wine and dog meat are not exactly common and if the locals avoid them you should too. The chicken noodle soup is the safest option for street food but if you don’t want to miss a business meeting due to an upset stomach stick to serving the meals in your hotel’s restaurant.

Old quarter’s streets

Most popular drink choice in Hanoi is an ice cold beer. Normally the drinks are served starting from 5 pm and you can have the surprise to hear that around 8 pm they have no more beer to serve in some of the bars from the city. You can have coffee in a lot of places because Hanoi has a multitude of coffee shops.

Vincom City Towers Mall

Old quarter’s streets are filled with stalls offering everything from trinkets to souvenirs but for an air-conditioned experience try the Vincom City Towers Mall.