Ten Affordable Places to Stay in Ubud

For those who are new to this part of the world, Ubud is a quintessential cultural town of Bali, an island in Thailand. It is very famous for its hospitality and is voted as the number one tourist destination in Asia. If you are planning a trip to Bali, then a staying at some of the home stays is a must. Here is a list of 10 most affordable places in Ubud.

1. Puri Saren Agung

Puri Saren Agung

Agung is an 80 year old Royal Palace of Ubud. It was first opened to the performing artists from around the world so that they could come, stay and perform here. The tradition still continues. By evening the palace transforms into a courtyard of music and dance. This is therefore a great bed & breakfast place to enjoy your stay at Bali.

2. Fibra Inn

Fibra Inn

A 30 years old home stay, Fibra Inn is located on the Monkey Forest Road. The inn is reminiscent of a traditional Balinese residence of those days. Exotic flowers adorn the gardens of this home stay. Weekends come with the added treat of Balinese dance performances and the Gamelan orchestra in the courtyard of this lovely inn.

3. Jati Home Stay

Jati Home Stay

Located on a street that is lined with home stays, Jati stands out from the crowd as it is a 20 year old home stay dedicated to the artists and their works. The walls of this house are adorned by works from various art collections of Ubud artists. Though the accommodation is basic, it is very comfortable.

4. Oka Wati Hotel

Oka Wati Hotel

Oka Wati is among the first home stays of Ubud and has 9 well appointed rooms with a restaurant and swimming pool. The restaurant still serves traditional recipes like the gado-gado salad and Brem rice wine.

5. Warsi’s House

Warsi's House

The Warsi house is a special place where you can have a look at the Balinese textiles. Though the place is very basic, the hospitality more than makes up for the lack of luxuries. Their banana pancakes are the best breakfast you can have in Bali.

6. Rona


As you enter Ubud, you can gain access to this decade old home stay. The inn has basic facilities including a swimming pool, a funky café and a bookshop. The cost is what entices most people to this place.

7. Putu Putera Homestay

Putu Putera Homestay

If an authentic home stay is on your charts then Putu Putera should be your choice. This once traditional home of a local artist is even to this day maintained to reflect the glorious past of the Balinese culture and heritage through the art works of famous artists and craftsman of Ubud. With just 5 B&B rooms to stay in, the guests can enjoy traditional Balinese breakfast and watch the creation of ornaments at the garden open to visitors.

8. Tiing Gading Bungalows

Tiing Gading Bungalows

If a tranquil hideout is what you are looking for then Tiing Gading Bungalows is the right place. Tall palms and thick bamboo groves are set amid a small river that converts into a pool and spa. With 10 air-conditioned rooms and cooler terraces, guests to Tiing cannot ask for more.

9. Ubud Inn

Ubud Inn

Offering luxury at affordable prices is not everyone’s cup of tea. At Ubud Inn you can have both. Swimming pools surrounded by vegetation, restaurant, spa and bar are what will make your home stay very memorable. At Ubud Inn you are never far away from home as Wi-Fi is free. The rooms are pretty spacious and come with pillar beds equipped with mosquito nets.

10. Family Guest House

Family Guest House

The spacious bungalow is ideal for a family trip. Kids will love weaving through the verandahs of the house and wandering off to the family temple. Sumptuous breakfast and spacious rooms is what the Family Guest House promises and gives to its visitors.

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