Top 5 Temples to Visit in Asia

The continent of Asia is not only known for the fact that it is the most populated continent of the world, but for the multiple attractions the continent compiles in itself. The boundaries of the continent may not be geographically defined in stone, but the names of few of the most famous, attractive and mesmerizing temples in the region are definitely carved in the mind of every explorer who has visited them.

Here is a list of top temples to visit in Asia, whose beauty and significance can be vouched for by many of this world’s inhabitants.

1. Angkor Wat, Cambodia:

angkor wat, cambodia

Also known as the “City Temple”, this is one of the most extravagant and breathtaking religious monument in the Asian subcontinent. It is also believed to be the largest religious structure of the whole world. Built by king Suryavarman II, the temple’s structure is that of 3 rectangular galleries which lead to the central tower. The temple displays a balanced blend of religion and structural symmetry.

2. The Golden Temple, India

the golden temple, india

Located in the state of Amritsar in India, this legendary temple is a part of the Harmandir Sahib complex. The central shrine in the temple is surrounded by the tank known as Amrit Sarovar, which was excavated by the fourth Sikh guru- Ram Das. The temple has huge historical and spiritual significance amongst the world’s Sikh population.

3. Shwedagon Paya, Burma

shwedagon paya, burma

This temple is one of the most significant and religiously sacred sites for Buddhism. As per the legends the temple enshrines eight hairs of Gautama Buddha wishfully given by Buddha himself to two merchant brothers. The brothers took the hair to then king- Okkalapa who enshrined them in this temple of gold, laying the stone for what is known as the Shwedagon Paya today. As per the archaeologists who have studied the structure, the original Stupa was built between 6th and the 10th centuries.

4. Jokhang Temple, China

jokhang temple, china

Considered to be the heart and soul of spiritual Tibet, this 1300- year old temple, boasts of a timeless appeal and allure for tons of pilgrims. The Jokhang is a two- storey structure with a central golden Buddha relic, which is the most revered relic the whole of Tibet.

5. Bodhnath Stupa, Nepal

bodhnath stupa, nepal

This is the first Stupa ever built in the Bodhnath region of Nepal somewhere after AD 600. As per accounts of many religious visitors and explorers, no other Stupa in the whole of Nepal comes close to the purity and grace epitomized in this structure.