Why Singapore is the Most Loved Asian Travel Destination?

Singapore is the ultimate travel destination for the rich, and it’s because the city does look grand from outside. It is as magnificent from inside as it seems from outside, polished with a shining layer of wealth.

Although Singapore is known for its upscale malls, fine dining areas, deluxe shopping spaces and high-end luxurious hotels it also has an ethnic vibe hidden beneath that sheen of glam. As popular as it is for the glitterati, it also has many attractions suitable for family and friends and community areas which make your visit to the city worthwhile.

Why Singapore is the Most Loved Asian Travel Destination?

  • Excellent transportation facilities:

Moving around in the city is just a matter of minutes. Singapore has an excellent system for public transportation which makes the moving and travelling with people in and around the city very easy and convenient. Once you have cleared out your doubts regarding the metro map, moving from one place to another will be the easiest thing to do. Singapore’s metro lines are widespread across the city and hence make the navigation and exploring the city very easy.

  • Awesome food:

Singapore is a popular travel destination, and therefore food is a specialty here. Food is considered a serious business in Singapore. Right from spicy Indian cuisines to hot Chinese cuisines are available all across the city-state. There is nothing you won’t find in Singapore. You will find food which you won’t be able to consume alone and foods presented to elegantly that you would want to take a picture of it and share it on social media before eating it.

Singapore has everything right from high-end café restaurants to street food vans. You can grab excellent street food just for a few bucks if you are on a roll and are travelling the city.

  • Shopping hub

Singapore is an excellent shopping hub for high-end shoppers who expend a lot as well as for cheap buyers who like street shopping. Shopping in Singapore provides just the right amount of therapy you need to get all the tiredness away that got caught with you while exploring the city. It gives you with the luxury of expensive brands as well as the ethnic antiques from all around the world.

  • Tourist attractions

Apart from these unusual activities that you can indulge in at Singapore, there are a lot of places to visit which are going to leave you daunted with the impression of the city. Singapore has significant tourist attractions like Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the bay, botanical gardens, china town, little India and Arab street, national gallery, Asians civilization museum and what not. The list is endless.

Singapore is considered an architectural wonder. The Marina Bay Sands resort complex which is a concoction of hotels, high-end shopping complexes, a canal that right runs through it and a ship which tops the hotel. You can peer through the rooftop pool deck at the ship on marina bay, and it will be a sight to see. The supertrees at the Garden by the Bay will leave you awed and mesmerized.

These were only a few of the many reasons why Singapore is one of the most loved Asian travel destinations and will always attract tourists because of its growing appeal each year.