3 Safest Travel Spots in Asia for Female Travelers

There are certain safety precautions that all travelers have to follow to which ever corner of the world they visit like not going into dark and unfamiliar alleys late at night, not leaving your baggage unattended even for few seconds, not trusting strangers and a few others.

But when it comes to female travelers, there are various things that need to be considered and even slightest danger signs should be noticed promptly. Points like what to wear and whom to talk to, can be matters of concern as well in some countries.

Amidst rape concerns in countries like India and disappearing of female tourist from Istanbul, women are being forced to think twice before visiting Asian countries alone but there are few countries in Asia that have very low crime rate and are absolutely safe for women travelers. We hereby help you to know about these places, so that you can get some peace of mind while travelling to these countries –

1. Singapore


Photo Credit By: interaksyon.com

This country has been ranked 80th in terms of safety and has very low crime rate. More than 98% citizens feel absolutely safe to walk around in the country at night and the percentage of rapes per 100k population is only 6.8% which is very less when compared to other countries. Only 1.1% experience thefts and 0.1% are assaulted.

2. Taiwan


Photo Credit By: ipezone.blogspot.in

This is officially the Republic of China and is located in East Asia. 99% of the territory is governed by the Republic of China and the crime rate is very low. Taiwan has been ranked 49th in terms of global safety. Rape percentage per 100k is 8.82% and about 15% experience thefts. 75% of the population feels safe to walk alone at night and about 4% are assaulted.

3. Japan


Photo Credit By: chinlandtoday.info

Ranked 11th in terms of global safety, this country is yet another safe option for the female travelers. 75% feel safe to walk around at night and the rape percentage is only 1.0%. About 10% experience thefts and about 2.7% are assaulted.

Some of the other safe destinations in Asia include Hong Kong, South Korea, Mongolia and Vietnam. So feel free and secured on your next trip to Asia as long as you visit these countries.