5 Things to Remember While Planning for Safe Moscow Trip

Though Moscow, one of the capital cities of Russia is not located in any other planet, you actually need some safety measures to follow once you plan to visit the place. You get plenty of things to do and too many spots to explore here.

Russia has developed hugely in the past decades and now it’s a well maintained and decent country. But there are several travel tips to make your journey easy and comfortable; check out some here –

remember while planning for safe moscow trip1. Pick Pocketing

You must be careful regarding your belongings. Your wallet or cash or credit cards can be swiped with applying nimble tricks by Moscow people. Tourist spots and crowded areas like metro are highly pick pocket prone. Try to place your money in such a place which touches your body or use a money belt. Diversify instead of keeping your money in one place to avoid lose of everything you have if pick pocket strikes.

2. Photography

You must be judicious while snapping in Moscow. Taking snaps of official looking buildings or officials or police will attract the attentions of people who are engaged in law enforcement process. Keep in mind to ask politely before snapping any local citizens also.

3. Passports

Due to the problem of pick pocketing, it is advisable not to carry the original passport while travelling. Instead you can keep a copy of it with you in case you need to show your legal right to stay in Moscow.

4. Customs Regulations

Custom regulation is very strict in Moscow of Russia. Hence you have to be careful while buying any antiques. You need to show the receipts of that particular product when leaving from Moscow.

5. Registration

Registration is essential for every traveler in Moscow so that the government can have knowledge about you. You need to handover your passport and visa for registration process to your hotel authority as well as have to pay charges as per their norms.

Photo Credit By: bverhe01.blogspot.com