Top 6 Most Religious Travel Destinations in Asia

Asia is the largest continent in the world and is a place where several cultures, religions and people meet and merge. A lot of religions co-exist in Asia and it won’t be wrong to say that this continent is the most religious one in terms of the number of temples it has, the number of religions that are followed and the intensity of religious beliefs in the people. If you are interested in going on a religious trip to Asia but can’t figure out which places to cover, then the following given list of the 6 most religious travel destinations in Asia will be useful for you.

1. Cambodia

cambodiaCambodia is one of the most religious countries in Asia and is one which has many temples, religious spots and places in it.  From the big Buddha to Phnom Chhnork and Phnom Sidaoun, Cambodia has many beautiful religious attractions which people from across the world visit every year. Each of the temples has beautiful architecture and many of them are dedicated to Buddha.

2. China

chinaChina is yet another destination in Asia which is known for its religious places of attractions and religious beliefs of the people. From the lovely monasteries, to the Giant Buddha statue to the 51000 Buddha statue figures, China too is a country which follows Buddhism and has enough to show for that.

3. India

indiaThe people in India don’t just follow one religion. Hinduism sure is the most followed religion in the country but it co-exists with Islam, Sikhism, Christianity and many others. In India you will find many beautiful temples, peaceful churches, Dargahs and Gurudwaras and is surely a good place to visit on your religious trip.

4. Indonesia

indonesiaIndonesia is yet another religious destination in Asia which one must visit if they are in the mood for a spiritual and religious trip. There are many pristine temples in the country which witness thousands of devotees visits them each year.

5. Malaysia

malaysiaMalaysia is also an Asian destination which is known for the religious monuments, structures and temples that it has. It has many wonderful caves, temples and statues of gods which inspire the religious beliefs in people and continue to attract many from across the world.

6. Nepal

nepalHome to many gorgeous Hindu temples, Nepal is a lovely place to visit if you are interested in a religious vacation. It has stupas, temples and many other places of religion and prayer.