5 Reasons to Visit South India This Time of the Year

India offers the most diverse of experiences, whether it is the languages, cuisines, culture, architecture or any other life aspect. South India in particular offers distinct flavors of the Indian experience. Kerala is a much-visited state but the other southern states have a lot to offer too.

Tamil Nadu is a historical land with innumerable temples and Karnataka offers a rich historical experience with many spots steeped in heroic sagas.

South India has diverse terrain that includes hills, sandy beaches, sanctuaries and forests. The best time to visit South India is during the months of November to February. The weather is very pleasant and the humidity is low in the coastal regions.  The cooler months make it easier to explore the natural beauty and the historical sites here.

Fort Kochi

Fort KochiKochi, also known as “Gateway to Kerala”, is a cosmopolite gathering of many cultures. The Portuguese, Chinese, Dutch, British and the Arabs have all left their distinctive mark on this eclectic city. The best way to explore Fort Kochi is on foot as there are many historical sites and the architecture is stunning.


HampiHampi was the last capital of the Vijayanagar, a powerful Hindu kingdom. The place has world heritage sites and the 14th century ruins are truly spectacular.  The ruins are huge as they are spread over a 25 kilometers surface with over 500 monuments to explore. The backdrop of huge boulders makes the ruins very enticing and the tourists can explore them on foot or on a bike.

Kerala Backwaters

Kerala BackwatersThe backwaters are a beautiful ecosystem that highlight why Kerala is known as “God’s own Country”. A peaceful ride on a boathouse or shikara is the best way to enjoy this natural beauty. The backwaters have their own ecosystem that is wonderful to observe as you float past the islands in a boat. For a wider experience choose to stay at resorts built on islands or look for some of the best homestay options.



Madurai is among the oldest cities in India as it is about 4000 years old. It is major center of learning and culture in Tamil Nadu. The Meenakshi temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva and his Consort Parwati, is a marvel of architecture so hiring an authorized guide can help you make the most of the experience.

Nagarhole National Park

Nagarhole National Park

Nagarhole was a former royal hunting ground for the royal family of Mysore. A jungle safari promises plenty of leopards, sambar deer, gaur, Asian elephants and very rarely a tiger. Make the trip memorable with a stay at the exclusive Eco-lodge KAAV, that promises radiating wilderness in the lap of luxury.