Pocket friendly accommodation in Macau for Budget Travel

Macau is known to be a destination more expensive than Las Vegas. For tourists, Macau is a costly choice as it has some extremely luxurious and sophisticated hotels, night-bars, pubs, dining place and above all some really amazing and costly casinos that do huge business everyday from the travelers and tourists. However, you can surely visit Macau with a budget plans; there are many affordable accommodations which offer you a decent stay without taxing your pockets. You just need to know about such places so that you can save some money which you can later spend on other things while on the trip.


Below are some places where you can spend your vacation and save some money:

  1. Villa Universal- Located nearby the Senado Square, the rooms are very clean and it will only charge you $46 per double room.
  2. Vila Hou Va- Located in a cozy area about 2-3 km from the city. Free Wi-Fi and a local supermarket and bakery nearby. Extremely friendly staff and you just have to pay $45- $65 for a room.
  3. Ko Wah Hotel- Also closed to Senado Square and other attractions, this hotel accepts only cash in Hong Kong Dollar. You have to pay around $35- $50 for a room.
  4. Ole Tai Sam Un Hotel- Located in the city this hotel is also amongst the cheapest hotels available at Macau where you have to pay around $97.
  5. Guia Hotel Macau- Also located in the city this hotel offers free wi-fi and cost you just around $89. Other places are also located nearby.
  6. Holiday Inn Macao Cotai Central- Located in Cotai, a place in Macau this place is also an affordable accommodation for those who are looking forward to save some money, you need to spend around $119 to get a room in this hotel.

These are few suggestions of hotels to choose from but you can also look for some more places that are pocket friendly. There are many travel and hotel booking apps that will suggest you hotels within a range of price to choose from and also you will be able to see real guest reviews which will help you decide easily. A nice hotel helps you a lot to enjoy your vacation as it is the ultimate place where you will return back at the end of the day to relax – the above mentioned hotels are good choices if your wallet is restricted.