Things to Plan in Nagasaki

Nagasaki boasts an individual history in Japan due to its cataclysmic occurrences of World War II. The modern metropolitan area of Nagasaki is the result of a European Commercial Concern in the 16th century.

The transformation of Nagasaki in to a vital port city as well as the city of cultural exchange is noteworthy after the calamities of World War II. The place has lately become a noteworthy tourist spot and the tourists actually have many things to do for recreation out there.

Undoubtedly, the tourists of Nagasaki will experience the legacy through variety of phenomenal attractions and below given are some of them which you should definitely plan to visit:

confucius shrine

26 Martyrs Museum and Monument

If you are a lover of the past and history, make sure to visit this site. This museum reveals the history of canonization of 26 martyrs who were atrociously agonized and executed in the frontage of a huge crowd in Nishizaka Hills in 1597.

Confucius Shrine

To honor Confucius, this shrine was built by Chinese labors which signify Chinese history and palatial tradition.

Megane Bridge

This epitome stone cum arch bridge is considered as one of the vital Cultural Property of Japan which will remind you about the cultures of late 17th century.

Hashima / Gunkanjima

To know the local life and living of Nagasaki, visit Hashima. This phantom town village is situated 15 km away from proper Nagasaki town. This tourist attraction destination was proposed for coal-mine and industrial focal point that still has abundance to offer.

Glover Garden

Every year more than 2 million travelers flock to this garden. This garden was named after Scottish Merchant named Thomas Blake Glover in 1863 which is now one of the most admired tourist spot. Stroll amidst the natural beauty or catch a glimpse of the nine westernized homes in the garden opened up as museums.

Nagasaki Peace Park and Atomic Bomb Museum

This park rings a bell of the episode of 9th August, 1945. The prime attraction of this site is the sculpture of Seibou Kitamura that stands prominent as a result of the nuclear blast. You can also explore the Atomic Bomb Museum just close to this park.

Suwa Shrine

The Shinto temple of Nagasaki is the place of customary visit if you love festivity, pomp and celebration. The Kunchi harvest festival is the memorable celebration held in this shrine which denotes Nagasaki culture of the yester years.

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