How to Plan a Budget Trip to Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the most popular destinations in Southeast Asia, but is relatively expensive in comparison to others. However, this lone factor must not stop travellers from exploring this wonderful land.

With a little bit of planning your Malaysian sojourn can be achieved on a shoe-string budget. Through this article we will show just how this is possible. Here are some useful tips on how to plan a budget trip to Malaysia:

plan a budget trip to malaysia1.Air Fares

As with any other travel destination, even your trip to Malaysia will prove cheaper if planned well in advance. Air Asia is a top rated airline that has budget flights operating from major airports across the globe to Malaysia. To get the best deals you can check the availability of flights online and make your bookings as soon as you decide on how long you are going to stay.


Accommodation in Malaysia does not always mean hotels. Tourism being a major revenue generator for this country has prompted the presence of a number of guesthouses and home stays. They not only save your precious cash but also give you a local experience with local architecture, culture and food. A majority of them come with a simple, yet clean ambience and amenities.


While food in the restaurants is good, it can set you back on cash if you count every meal you will have for the entire trip. The best advice for food in Malaysia is choosing street stalls and food courts in shopping malls. Here you can have a tasty and filling meal for as little as 10 ringgit. South Indian eateries serve hot and hygienic vegetarian meals as well and are the safest bet.


You will not believe it, but it is true that booze in Malaysia comes at a premium and may burn a hole in your pocket. If you are planning a budget trip to Malaysia, cut down on the booze, you will save money right from the off.


All main accommodation areas and tourist centers are well connected by public transport. If you want to save money take to public transport. Taxis are another good way to commute within the cities and avoid the peak hour rush on the trains.


Malaysia has special shopping festivals that offer everything on sale. If you are planning on shopping for souvenirs and local stuff from here, then plan ahead and take advantage of these offers.

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