Best 5 Places To Visit In Bali

Being a small and pictorial island on the coast of Indonesia, Bali is one of the most exotic destinations for numerous people all round the globe. If you are also planning a trip to Bali then it is important for you to know the top places that you must visit if you are on the island. Here is a list of the best five places that you should definitely not miss out on your trip:

1. Kuta:


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If you have planned a budget trip to Bali then Kuta is a must-to-go place. The long side walk with the pearly view of the ocean will definitely cheer up your mood. You might be able to see a lot of crowd in the place with hawkers and shopkeepers selling fake stuff but you can easily get away with a simple ‘no’.

2. Ubud:



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If you had enough of the pearly ocean view then drive to the central Bali and enjoy something cultural which you can only see in Bali. Get to know more about the temples and the cultural families of Bali. There are also many museums where you can find original Balinese stuff from the past.

3. Nusa Lembongan:

Nusa Lembongan


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While Kuta and Ubud are specially designed for tourists to meet their needs, Nusa Lembongan is a little bit left out beach. However the natural view of the beach with white sandy beach and huge stretch of water will definitely sweep you off your feet.

4. Gunung Agung:

Gunung Agung


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It is one of the highest active volcano peaks in Bali which is surrounded by greenery. It is also a home to several temples including the mother temple.

5. Seminyak:



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People on luxury trips must go to Seminyak which is also a popular destination for Hollywood actors and rich people from all over the world. With sky rising prices and exotic international cuisine, Seminyak is the real name of luxury.