Best Places in India to Celebrate Diwali

Diwali, it not a festival but a feeling. A feeling of victory over evil, of homecoming and of love. It’s celebrated all over the country with great enthusiasm. Here’s a list of destinations you can visit and witness the grandeur of Diwali in India. Though it’s evident from the lighting and decorations on the streets, but to experience Diwali to the fullest you must find yourself an Indian homestay.

Best Places in India to Celebrate Diwali

  • Delhi:

The best place in the country to celebrate Diwali.Diwali is the best time to go shopping and Delhi offers you an amazing market, filled with people from all over the country. Restaurants are bustling with families and friends gathered to meet and celebrate. Every other street is showcasing Ramlila. The fireworks are just breathtaking. If you end up in Delhi during Diwali, visit at least any one of the Melas, get great deals on anything and everything.

  • Varanasi:

The essence of light, the true meaning of Diwali is what you find in Varanasi.The Ghats are filled with diyas and all you can see is lights and colors. 5 days of continuous chants seem to be perfect for a spiritual downpour. The Ganga seems to take away all that bothers you with it. From an early morning Ganga Snan to market hopping and enjoying the sunset while boating seems to be just perfect.

  • Jaipur and Udaipur:

Celebrating Diwali in Rajasthan is like living a royal dream. Udaipur, the city of lakes looks astounding with all the bright lights around. The palaces are so beautifully decorated that they are a sight to sore eyes. Nahargarh fort and City Palace are festooned like a bride. If you’re a foodie, you should be in Rajasthan during Diwali, the Marwari delicacies are mouth-watering. You can visit the haatbazars and show your children the royal culture.

  • Amritsar:

The land of Golden temple is a must visit. Diwali coincides with Sikh festival BandiChhor Divas and adds up to the ongoing celebrations.  You can hear the special prayer all through the city and the Golden Temples looks like a big illuminated light. Adding up to the fun is the spirit of Punjab, the amazing food and the enthusiasm makes it a joyful stay.

  • Kolkata:

Kolkata gives you an altogether different feel. While the whole country is celebrating Rama’s homecoming, Kolkata celebrates Kali Puja. The whole city is filled with Pandals and lit with lights and diyas. Want to have a little different version of Diwali, do visit Kolkata.

  • Goa:

You must be wondering, how Goa made it to the list? Goa has its very own style of celebrating Diwali with Narakasura Ritual. They believe that Diwali is all about Lord Krishna defeating Narakasura, which actually is another form of victory over evil. They burn Narakasura Effigy just a day before the main Diwali, which is always called as Naraka Chaturdashi. If you’re planning to visit Goa during Diwali, you’ll not only be witnessing the Narakasura Ritual but can also try your hand at gambling. You get to see the true spirit of Goa with all the parties, dancing and exchange of presents.