6 Top Places for Trekking in Asia

In case you are really into trekking, you should make sure that you take a trip to the best trekking regions of Asia, because you will have an experience that you will never forget. Some locations should make it to the top of your list.

1. Cameron Highlands

This region of Malaysia is known for two things: trekking and tea. Although this is a national park, you shouldn’t think that it is filled with maps and signs. It is a relatively wild place that comes with trails winding through the mountains and the tea plantations. The place has become even more known after Jim Thompson disappeared while being on a walk.

2. Penang National Park

This region of Malaysia isn’t as popular as Taman Negara, and this has miles of trailed and untouched beaches. This is the youngest national park of the country, but still it can keep tourists busy for a few days with trekking. There is canopy walkway, two tough trails; and this is the place where the turtles come to nest.

3. Volcanoes

In case you are interested in seeing some volcanoes up close on the trekking trails, then Indonesia is the right place for you. This country is everything but boring from a geographical point of view. In case they aren’t active, the tourists can do some trekking between the many volcanoes that the country comes with. One of the most interesting things that you could do in your life is to climb on an active volcano and enjoy the view from up there.

4. GunungRinjani

This location can be found in Indonesia too and it is about 12,000 feet high. Even though you may be an experienced trekker, this trail is quite challenging. In order to make it through the route you will need a guide, a lot of ambition and also camping gear. In some cases, the temperature of the volcano makes it possible to observe the eruption of lava.

5. Kintamani

In case you don’t want to be surrounded by a lot of people, then you should escape to this region of Bali. Just as in the previous case, here you can find an active volcano and a volcanic lake which offers you a scenic sight that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. In case you are serious about trekking, you could tackle the volcano.

6. Sarawak

Sarawak could be the real paradise for you in case you enjoy outdoors. It is located in Borneo and there are two national parks that you should visit: Lambir Hills and Gunung Gading. These don’t offer only trekking trails, but also waterfalls, endangered flowers and endangered animal species, such as orangutans. Gunung Mulu is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage. This is quite difficult to reach, but the rock formations and the caves will make it worth your effort.

If you would like to get it moving these are really good places to start at and to enjoy nature while trekking.