Top 6 Places in Asia for Wedding Shopping

It is natural for people to shop a diverse range of clothes, footwear, bags, accessories and jewellery for their wedding. But often, it is impossible to find all the types and variety that you need in one place or city/country. This is the reason why lots of people consider traveling to other countries to really get what they want to make that day and life ahead perfect.

If you live in Asia or wish to do your wedding shopping from Asia, then the following given list of the top 6 places in Asia for wedding shopping will prove useful.

1. Tokyo, Japan

tokyo, japan

Tokyo is definitely an international city and has many shopping districts and malls which make it perfect for wedding shopping. From international brands to local stores, you can buy almost anything and everything from here. Tokyo is particularly known for amazing electronics.

2. Hong Kong, China

Another amazing shopping destination for your wedding can be Hong Kong. It offers sometime for all kinds of tastes, budgets and needs and boasts of endless malls and shopping lanes where you can totally spend a week in shopping nonstop.

3. Bangkok, Thailand

From clothes to footwear and from handbags to electronics, Bangkok won’t disappoint you if you come here for shopping for your wedding. It offers the most budget price shopping experience but at the same time it also has branded stores if you wish to splurge.

4. Beijing, China

From the big markets of Panjiayuan and Silk market to shopping centers and malls, Beijing is yet another country in Asia which is known for offering a wonderful experience to wedding shoppers. People from all across the world come here for buying electronics, silk items, home decorative and almost everything else.

5. Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia is yet another place where you can find not just markets full of items to buy but also branded malls for purchasing clothing items, footwear, electronics, show pieces and jewelry. It is an ideal place for wedding shopping and sees people from around the world every year.

6. Seoul, Korea

This place is a mix of old boutiques and new markets and is known for wonderful local markets and stunning malls located over an area of 10 blocks. This destination too doesn’t disappoint those who come here for shopping for their wedding and offers an amalgamation of many items to buy.