5 Amazing Places in Asia for Skydiving

If you are someone who wants to experience the thrill of jumping down to the ground from a high altitude by doing a skydiving jump, then you will find many amazing places in Asia to do so.  This continent offers some spectacular sites and places to do this adventure sport which are also safe and have a good track record.

With international skydiving instructors and full-proof arrangements, these destinations promise thrill, adventure, fun and an experience of a lifestyle. Whether you are interested in doing a solo jump or a tandem, the following are the top places in Asia for skydiving:

amazing places in Asia for skydiving

1. Philippines

Philippines offer you 5 different places or spots from where you can do your skydiving. A few of them include Cebu Sport parachute club, Skydive Cebu and Skydive Butuan. All these places are certified, hold good track records and are amazing dropzones to do your first dive.

2. China

China is yet another country in Asia from where you can choose to skydive. Most dropzones in this country are visited by many adventurers from around the world throughout the year because they offer extremely safe diving facilities. Some of the top dropzones in the country include Tuofeng skydiving, China great sky skydiving club and Anyang national parachute team training base.

3. Thailand

Thailand is a wonderful place for adventure junkies. Not only does it offer some brilliant water sports but also amazing bungees and skydiving facilities. If you are traveling to this country, then you must definitely not miss this sport and the dropzones which offer it. The two of the best dropzones in Thailand are Bird’s Paradise extreme resort and Thai Sky adventures.

4. Indonesia

Indonesia is turning out to be a wonderful destination for those looking for thrill and adrenaline rush which can be experienced through adventure sports like skydiving. An increasing number of divers or diving enthusiasts have started coming to Indonesia to experience the spectacular views and safe facilities that it offers. The best dropzones of this country include Lido Lakes and Pondok Cabe.

5. India

India too is turning out to be the best place for skydiving in Asia. This country has many places where divers can go for experiencing their first dive and some of them include dropzone.in, skydive India, Indian parachuting federation and some others. You can book your appointment in advance to get a slot before heading to one of these.

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