Best Places to Visit in Ankara, Turkey

Turkey is currently the hottest and most popular travel destinations across the world. Besides Istanbul, which is the preferred travel location for all those who visit this country, even Ankara, Turkey’s capital is a destination worth visiting.

It comprises of several must-visit places that are not just beautiful but speak a lot about Turkey’s rich history and culture.  Most of the good sites in the city can be covered in a day and the best ones out of them have been listed below for your reference.

Museum of Anatolian Civilizations

museum of anatolian civilizations

This is one of the most popular museums in Turkey and is one which hosts an artistic wealth of 7500 years.  It consists of artifacts which come from the Hittete era which was between 2600 to 1300 BC. If you visit Ankara, then this is a place which you must definitely give a visit.

Hisar (Citadel)

This is a hilltop fortress which is also one of the oldest places in Ankara. Also known as Kale, Hisar consists of mighty walls, beautiful views and wonderful climbs. There are many people who live here as villagers.

Cengal Han Rahmi M Koc Museum

This is a museum which displays multiple things like engineering, scientific instruments, road transport and maritime etc. If you are interested in any of these fields, then you must definitely give this museum a visit.

Antique Shops

A neighborhood in Ankara known as Samanpazan is known for its many beautiful antique shops which are a must visit for the serious antique shoppers.  These shops are a wonderful option for those who like to decorate their houses with such pieces. Bargaining can be done in these shops and it is a wonderful experience for shopping-lovers.

Turkish Republic Museums

turkish republic museums

This museums lets you take a sneak peek into the rich Turkish history and will prove to be a delight for those who are inclined in history. The two buildings of this museum were earliest meetings of the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

Haci Bayram Mosque and Tomb

haci bayram mosque and tomb

Haci Bayram Mosque and tomb is another popular tourist destination in the country. Haci Bayram was a Sufi teacher who was born near this city. During his lifetime, he acquired a lot of wisdom and became a teacher of the masses. This tomb was built in his memory after his death and is still considered a holy place by many.