Pai- A Paradise in Thailand for Backpackers

Backpacking in Thailand isn’t a bad idea and when you are visiting Pai, it is nothing less than the heaven. Pai is a small helmet village in the northern part of Thailand and is one of the reasons why this place makes it to the difference, especially for backpackers. There is a huge difference between other cities of Thailand and Pai. Waterfalls, wandering through farms, rice terraces and trekking through mountains, makes Pai a worth to explore.

Pai- A Paradise in Thailand for Backpackers

About Pai:

Pai is 136 km away from Chiang Mai, the largest city in Thailand and is the most popular destination in the country. The peaceful landscape, forest and activity opportunities, makes Pai an ideal destination for backpackers. If you are planning to wander in this village, then backpack and head straight to Pai.

So let us now check best things to do in Pai:

  • Soak in the Scenery:

Peaceful atmosphere and landscape make Pai the backpackers’ destination. Cool river flowing across, high hills and dense forests suitable. Moving across the peaceful village will really give an amazing experience for those backpackers to explore. Visit Pam Bok Waterfall, the most famous waterfall is a must. With the blend of nature and local culture, gives backpackers a reason to explore.

  • Exploring the Caves:

When in Thailand, exploring caves is a must. Travel 45kms from the Pai and head to the Mae Hong Son direction to reach Tham Lod caves. The caves are quite slippery, so you need to be careful. The best thing to do is rent a motorbike and actively exploring the place. On the way you can stop and get some amazing pictures of mountains and villages. Though there are many caves on the way, but Tham Lod is the best one.

  • Grand Canyon:

The Grand Canyon in the US is quite is famous and every tourist wants to explore, but Pai too has its own Grand Canyon. Extremely beautiful location creates more interest among the backpackers.

  • Dipping into the Hot Springs:

The village has 2 hot springs, and one is the Tha Pai which is quite popular. Located in the zone of spa service, you’ll have to pay 200 baht per person. The other is at the Mae Hong Son, 15 km from Pai. It lies in the shadows of trees and the water is really clean to enjoy the spa. The spring really makes your body and mind relaxed.

  • Accommodation in Pai:

There are many accommodation options ready in Pai. There are some good stay options including Family Hut, Baan Pai Riverside Resort, and few others. The price starts from 1200 baht and goes beyond 200 baht. You need to book your accommodation way in advance to avoid high prices.

  • Foodie Backpackers:

Well, you can’t miss some delicious food options in Pai during backpacking. The place offers a wide number of food options from Bangkok, Thailand, Chinese, etc. You can even for some cheap street foods to save money and enjoy the taste.


To enjoy the backpacking experience in Pai, a good planning is an important part of the trip. You can enjoy the best part of your backpacking life when visiting in Pai.