7 Tips and Tricks to Enjoy the Most of Orchid Island

When people are travelling to Taiwan, they rarely think about the Orchid Island. This is partly because it is quite remote and only a few people who are bold enough travel there. Nonetheless you could take a small plane or a ferry and you can be sure that your boldness will be rewarded.

1. Getting around

The island is a volcanic one and only one coastal road wraps around the entire island. It takes only 2-3 hours to make the tour of it and you could do this by renting a scooter. Most probably you won’t be in a hurry and so take the time to observe the rock formations.

2. Meals

Most probably you won’t find fast food here, but you can be sure that you won’t miss it. If you are looking for something simple and fast to drink or eat, there are several small convenience stores by the main road. You may have to go for about 10-15 minutes to find something to drink or a coffee, but that’s the charm of the island.

In case you are looking for western food, there are some restaurants facing the ocean. Nonetheless if you are interested in the local cuisine, there are several small restaurants that offer local delicacies. During your stay, you should try the local specialty of the place – flying fish.

3. Enjoy the water

The ocean around the island is filled with coral reefs and you could rent some snorkels and wetsuit to explore them. You could also get a local guide to show you the best places to start at. This is the best pastime activity for the people who like to explore the secrets of the ocean.

4. Trekking

If you don’t mind moving a bit, then you should climb to the Tailing Mountain that offers a wonderful view. You could also take a trip to the weather station. Although the station itself isn’t special, the views that you will see along the way and on the top will be worth the trip.

5. Culture

Even with the same surroundings, the island is unique for its culture. The island is home to the Yami people. They are different from the rest of the population of Taiwan. Even more, their customs and traditions are somewhat similar to the culture of the Philippines’ people.

6. Lanyu Museum

This is something that you cannot miss out on. The most interesting element of the museum is a replica of an underground Yami house. Besides this, you will find many other traditional items, including tools, crafts and art. This is the best way to get to know the culture a little better.

7. Canoes

It is true that you can see a canoe almost anywhere, but the canoes that you see here are truly special. This is because they are painted by hand. Right outside the museum, you will find two canoes of this kind that could grab your attention.