7 Ways to Bring Fun in Your Nepal Experience

When people think about tourist destinations in Asia Nepal isn’t the first place that pops into their mind, still you should know that the country has a lot of new experiences to offer; you just have to give it a shot.

1. Bhaktapur

This ancient city is worth your while. This is the best way to find out about the life and the culture of the indigenous people from Nepal. The ancient temples are still standing here. This is a historic site that offers you a lot of information on the culture, but keep in mind that if you would like to have some fun this isn’t the right place for you.

2. BodhnathStupa

This is a symbol of the architecture of the region. This was a place of refuge for the people coming from Tibet. Because of its unique structure it has been named as a UNESCO World Heritage, so you should see it. You could look into the eyes of the building as well.

3. Mount Everest

This mountain is the feature that the country is best known for. In case you aren’t able to see the peak of the mountain from a physical point of view, you should make sure to see it through the windows of an airplane. Such flights are offered by local airlines. This way you could see the top of Mount Everest and some other well-known peaks.

4. Chitwan National Park

This is one of the world’s heritage sites as well and so you must see it. The park is of about 100,000 hectares and it is a wildlife sanctuary that is welcoming for the tourists. The charm of the park is given by the towering trees and wines surrounded by elephants and rhinos. All this might be enough for you to give the park a shot.

5. Elephant ride

You may know that there are a lot of elephants in Nepal and this is why it is one of the biggest tourist attractions to have an elephant ride. These rides are offered to tourists, and the best thing about them is that from the back of an elephant you can see numerous other wild animals as well.

6. Holi festival

Although this is a popular Hindu festival, it is celebrated by all Nepalese people. It is considered to be a public holiday, and so everybody should celebrate it. The main point of the festival is to spray water and paint on people and it symbolizes hope of a full and vibrant life. Tourists are often dragged into the celebration by friendly people so that they can feel the vibe of the festival too.

7. Garden of Dreams

No wonder this garden got this name. It is located in Kathmandu and was known as the Royal Palace. The architectural design is a European one and now it is home to cafes and restaurants. The green surroundings are complemented by clear water ponds, fountains and also statues.